Inspect-a-Home in National

A home inspection is a visual assessment of the condition of a home or property. The inspection is carried out according to a tried and trusted formula based on over 22 years experience in the field. The purpose is to uncover existing faults and identify potential problems.
  • Building Disptues

    Legal action is an expensive and very time consuming exercise for all parties involved. When the owner and builder disagree on aspects of the building or quality of workmanship, Inspect-A-Home can offer an impartial 3rd party report of the facts.
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

    Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions - and one of the biggest investments - you will ever make. When buying a previously owned house you accept that not everything is perfect. But you also dont need any nasty surprises in the future like unforeseen repair costs. The purpose of our inspection report is to identify all the existing defects, understand their implications and know what it would cost if you were to repair them. The costing helps to place the condition of the home into perspective and aids in budgeting for remedial repairs.
  • Quality Control

    Our quality control progress reports offer constructive criticism and highlight defects or potential problems that occur during the construction process with the ultimate goal of producing a good quality end product. Our involvement can save the developer and builder serious costs by identifying defects early so that they can be rectified before they turn into expensive mistakes. This has been proven on every single development project that we have been involved in.



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