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Epoxy and polyurethane paints by Epoxyman Industrial Coatings (EIC). A leading supplier and contractor of high performance epoxy industrial floor, wall, hygiene and roof paint systems in SouthAfrica. Supplier to United States, United Kingdom, Europe and other countries. Now supplying you with environment and user friendly speciality paints and products. Click here for more information onour DIY range We understand that you are concerned with completing a project on time and in proper order; especially with short shut-down windows and fast-track construction schedules. There aresimply no exceptions to getting the job done; even more importantly, getting the job done right, because there is no second opportunity.
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    Acid Proofing, Anti Corrosive Coatings for Steel and Concrete, Anti Fungal Coatings, Aquaculture, Chemical Resistant Floor and Wall Systems, Epoxy Floor and Wall Coatings, Grouting of Machines and Bolts etc. Hygiene Coatings,Industrial Flooring Systems Specialist Exterior & Interior Coatings, Structural Repairs, Swimming Pools,Tank Lining Systems, Waterproofing of Roof and Walls, Waterproofing of Water Tanks, Reservoirs etc. Wear Resistant Linings


Epoxyman Industrial Coatings (Pty) Ltd

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