Easigas (Pty) Ltd in National

Easigas markets and distributes LPG in the Bulk, Cylinder and Piped gas sectors. Easigas is widely regarded as having the highest levels of safety and technical standards in the industry.
  • Energy Audit

    For large industrial/commercial customers Easigas offers a service whereby it conducts an energy audit for the customer to ensure that the customer's consumption of LPG is as efficient as possible.
  • Local Authority Approval

    Easigas offers a service to all contracted customers whereby Local Authority Approval is obtained as per the prevailing laws and regulations.
  • Assist With Design Layout

    Where required, Easigas assists with the design layout of the gas installation and appliances (inside and outside) the premises.


Easigas (Pty) Ltd

energy audit local authority approval assist with design layout