BODY SYNERGY STUDIO in Muckleneuk, Pretoria



A fully qualified Pilates instructor will teach you the syllabus in a one on one session, using specialized Pilates equipment & accessories.A thorough full body assessment will be done; this will help us create a specialized programme tailored to suit your  needs

  • DUET

One instrustor and two clients working in synergy, on the Pilates equipment.


This class is just as effective and beneficial as the private classes, especially designed for two clients on the same level and is a cost effective way to get a personalized work-out. The wonderful element to this work-out is it keeps you motivated and committed to your sessions as well as challenging each other in each and every exercise.

  • TRIO

A session consisting of three students and one instructor utilizing the Pilates equipment and accessories. It is recommended that students interested in trios take private sessions first. All three studets need to be at the same level.


A fun, cost effective and practical way to enhance your Pilates practice. Our Mat classes are limited to six clients per class as we believe that every client deserves personalized attention.

A life enriched through a dedication to physical wellness.

A state of internal wholeness and external strength.

  • Pilates is an uniquely precise and intelligent approach to exercise and body conditioning,

    The syllabus transforms your body into a leaner, supple and toned body. 

    Pilates targets:

    • Rehabilitating injuries
    • Correcting poor postural habits
    • Pre- Natal and Post Natal Pregnancy
    • Lengthens and strengthens the muscles
    • Improves posture, without stressing the joints
    • Prolapsed uterus
    • Toning and strengthening your inner core
    • Increases joint mobility

    Indeed physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors now recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise available.

  • We offer you exclusive and specialized

    Custom developed equipment and mat classes.

    These classes will assist you in:

    • Strengthen every single muscle,
    • Increasing your bodies flexibility & mobility,
    • Rehabilitating all injuries and
    • Improving your daily posture.


  • Private, Duet or Trio Classes Mondays- Fridays 07H00-19H00
  • Mat Classes

Mondays: 13H00-14H00

Mondays: 17H00-18H00

Wednesday: 15h00-16h00

  • Pilates

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