Saffron House in Mowbray

Saffron House is a photography and design company based in Cape Town with almost ten years combined experience in wedding photography and portraiture as well as graphic design. Because of this Saffron House can offer superior post production on photos taken, whether they be digital or analogue. We also offer specially tailored packages to suit everyone’s budget, always ensuring that quality is never compromised.Saffron House offers the following photography services: wedding photography, event or function photography, corporate photography, classical portraiture and sports photography, particularly horse riding shows.Our other services include graphic design, corporate identity development, web design, web development, hosting and 3D design which are handled by our experienced graphic design department.Recently we’ve also added video editing and game development to our list of services.
  • Graphic Design

    Logo development, corporate identity development, business card design, flyer design, brochure or catalogue design, vectorizing.
  • Web Design

    Design, development of static and WordPress template websites, website management, hosting, domain registration.
  • Photography

    Wedding photography, event photography, corporate portraiture and photography, creative and personal portraiture.
  • 3D Design

    3D animation, character development, 3D logo rendering, 3D representation, organic and non organic modelling, texturing and rigging, architectural walkthroughs.
  • Video Production

    Videographing, video editing, training videos, compositing
  • Game Development

    2D platform game development with a proven game engine. Contact for more details.
  • Copywriting

    Corporate, conversational, personal for websites, brochures and other promotional materials.


Saffron House

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