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Badgemags provides metal badges , name tag badges , international badges and magnet with competitive prices & quality products.
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  • Types of Permanent Magnets- Ceramic

    Ceramic, also known as Ferrite, magnets are made of a composite of iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate. These materials are readily available and at a lower cost than other types ofmaterials used in permanent magnets making it desirable due to the lower cost. Ceramic magnets are made using pressing and sintering. These magnets are brittle and require diamond wheels if grindingis necessary. These magnets are also made in different grades. Ceramic-1 is an isotropic grade with equal magnetic properties in all directions. Ceramic grades 5 and 8 are anisotropic grades.Anisotropic magnets are magnetized in the direction of pressing. The anisotropic method delivers the highest energy product among ceramic magnets at values up to 3.5 MGOe (Mega Gauss Oersted).Ceramic magnets have a good balance of magnetic strength, resistance to demagnetizing and economy. They are the most widely used magnets today. We only stock anisotropic magnets.
  • Badge Pins

    112S-Plastic Badge Pin - 32mm, 38mm - With Self-Adhesive Pad - Available in Black or White


Badge Mags
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