Rebochem in Mokopane

Rebochem is a supplier of all laboratory chemicals, laboratory equipment, laboratory glassware and instruments. We supply to manufacturers and research companies for all industrial applications. Thebusiness is headed by Rebone Makgato, a veteran of eighteen years in the chemicals and laboratory field. Rebochem also supplies all school and university related science products. We supplychemicals, glassware, instruments from electronic balances to pH meters, science kits, electronic circuit borrds. We supply various charts ranging from botany, life sciences, zoology, geography,mathematics, physical science and general education. Rebochem supplies all laboratory models ranging from life size skeletons, the digestive system, model brain, model ear, model eye, model kidneyand model torso. We supply as well model animals for school laboratory presentation. For enquiries and quotations please drop Rebone an e-mail.
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  • Laboratory chemicals and equipment

    Rebochem supplies all lab chemicals, lab instruments, glassware, test kits, balances, apparatus,ovens, filtration, circuit boards, lab charts, biology models and safety clothing. We also provideadvise and support on the requirements of start-up laboratories in schools.


lab chemicals, science kits, anatomical models, lab instruments, glassware, balances, filtration equipment, lab safety, lab charts, circuit boards, chemicals