Spice4Life in Milnerton

Connecting women with the opportunity to embrace their true potential and ultimate purpose.Selfworth, Passion, Inspiration, Commitment and Edutainment 4 LIFEThese 5 words provide the tools to embrace and understand our purpose in life, that which we were specifically designed for, as women.We are strong dynamic women with purpose connecting with our journey in life. Choosing to learn, investigate and thrive with the mission to encourage all women to embrace and respect our womanhood and recognize the significant value we bring to the world we live in.
  • Marketing to women

    We serve as a portal of information which gives the inspiration, resource and tools for women to thrive while taking a real look at what it takes to be a woman in the world today through the lives of South African women.
    • Marketing to women
  • SPICE4LIFE workshops

    They are very popular and touch the lives of women in a positive, proactive and solution based format. There are several varieties of fun, entertainment magazine days, or soft skills development in corporate environments through to digging deep transformation days geared at developing goal orientated maps for connecting with our purpose.



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