Tremendis Learning CC in Midrand

Tremendis Learning is in the center of learning and development. We aim to skill, teach, facilitate, equip and ignite action through our diverse, refreshing and quality training programmes.Most of our soft-skill programmes are also available in a one-on-one coaching option. It probably is the most effective way for knowledge transfer and change in behaviour.Lastly we support Human Resource departments on various aspects. Let us write your Job Descriptions, design your performance plan, create your retention strategy, design your flow chart and operational procedures and even help you manage performance problems.
  • Team Building

    The Building Teams 4 Life programme foremostly is a learning development programme. This means that we aim to skill and develop team members as part of the team building event. Secondary we take the role of event managers. We book events, activities, programmes etc on your behalf without adding additional fees. This makes your team building event effortless.
  • Business Etiquette

    Good business etiquette reveals a lot about the professionalism of your sales executives, business development specialists,leaders and workers. The ability to properly communicate and conduct oneself during business interactions, meetings, networking and in the general work environment enable workers to better sell and implicitly market their organisation.
  • Business Writing Skills

    Organisations are evaluated against the quality of its external written and verbal communication. This 2-day workshop focuses on improving broad aspects around business writing skills as well as improving electronic etiquette.
  • Communication Skills

    Communication is one of the predominant reasons why individuals battle to sell themselves, their company and its products. Our roots of self-confidence are projected through the way we communicate with others. This 1-day workshop equips employees and managers with the ability to communicate appropriately and reach work goals.
  • Customer Service Skills

    Customers are our greatest investors. It is of key importance that we provide quality service and take pro-active steps to make customers loyal. This programme is aimed at making good customers great and great customers loyal. It also enforce a comfortable ability to deal with difficult customers and win them back to your organisation.


Tremendis Learning CC

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