On The Job Training in Midrand

On The Job Training cc is a Training, Consulting and Coaching Company that offers solutions-focused work and life enhancement programs to its clients. Our goal is to help our clients connect their life purpose to their careers and find the best ways to make their work, WORK for them. We offer: Training Workshops, Consulting Services, Life and Career Coaching
  • Training Workshops

    Public and Inhouse Career Development Workshops for Individuals, Teens, Graduates, New Employees, New Managers and for Improved Employee Performance
  • Consulting

    Consulting services are offered to support an organisations HR and Training initiatives. We outsource suitable Training and Coaching professionals based on specified project requirements and desired client outcomes.
  • Coaching

    Coaching is a solutions-focused series of conversations designed to support the client in achieving their set career goals. Our coaching services are offered as packages that can also be customised to suit the individual clients needs.On The Job Training cc offers Life, Career and Leadership Coaching to individual and business clients.


On The Job Training

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