CFFVaal in Meyerton

We're a fresh approach to functional training in the Vaal Triangle (vanderbijl, vereeniging, meyerton, henley-on-klip) where we incorporate olympic lifting, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, gymnastics & some good old fashioned no non-sense approach to strength & conditioning.

It's real world fitness... with no machines, no mirrors & guaranteed results. We have daily classes which are run in groups both mornings & evenings that are scalable for everyone (i.e. the fat, the skinny, the short, the tall, the fit & the not so fit, all are welcome!).

We constantly mix our programme (so no boredom factor) & spice it up with some high intensity functional workouts.

Timetable: Open Monday-Friday (0600-0900) & (1715-1815/1815-1915) Saturdays (0900-1000) Come give us a try - should you have other time requirements, just let us know!! Contact us for a free introduction class!

Yes it is hard work, but what did you expect! Nothing in life is easy but the results are well worth it!

Certified crossfit trainer.

Services on offer: vereeniging kettlebells, zone eating, and much more

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    We're a community of fitness athletes that inpire each other to push our boundaries! We help you to not suck at life! Train hard, eat well, live strong, lift big, run a better person! We want you to be awesome! Training with a certified crossfit instructor.



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