Centex Fluid Products t/a Centex Africa in Meadowdale

Design and manufacture of custom built pumping packages & waste handling processing equipment for most challenging solids handling, mining, and construction environments.
  • Design pumping packages & waste handling equipment

    Centex Fluid Products is an international leader in the design, and manufacture of custom built pumping packages & waste handling processing equipment for some of the most challenging solidshandling, mining, and construction environments around the globe. Centex Fluid Products is also a master supplier of major product lines that includes Centrifugal Pumps, Industrial Grinders as wellas Waste Water Screening Processing Equipment. Centex equipment can be found operating in the Mining, Construction, Water & Wastewater, Food, Power, Pulp & Paper, and Oil & Gasindustries. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best performance, and customer service whatever the industry or the application. Centex Fluid Products, is headquartered inVancouver, WA USA, with a regional offices in South Africa, Amman, Jordan, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, Egypt, and Dubai, U.A.E. In addition, Centex has sales representation and customer supportfacilities in over 40 countries throughout Africa, The Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. We are dedicated to serve the Water & Wastewater, Construction, Mining, Rental, Power, Oil & Gas,and Pulp & Paper industries throughout the world. In addition to our own manufacturing and engineering capabilities, we are also partnered with several world class companies to provide acomprehensive range of products, solutions and services to some of the world's most critical industries. Our experienced service staff is dedicated to meet your service and maintenance requirements.We offer maintenance and service contracts that, are specifically designed to improve your equipment performance and protect your investment. Our product portfolio includes the following: Pumps: -Clear Liquid End Suction Centrifugal, Solids Handling Centrifugal, Dry - Self Priming Centrifugal, Wet - Self Priming Centrifugal, High Head Dewatering Centrifugal and Slurry Rubber / Hard MetalCentrifugal. Waste Handling Grinders: - Sludge Monster, Mini Monster, Muffin Monster, Macho Monster, Single and Double Drum Channel Monsters, Screens Washer Monster References and Pictures on thefollowing is available on our website: - Waste Water, Water, Mining, De-Watering Process


Centex Fluid Products t/a Centex Africa
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