Chloe Consultants in Maclear

Introducing the power of Equine Assisted Learning to boost your leadership expertise and motivational skills in a more unique and memorable way. From leadership training and consulting to individual and group coaching programs, Yolanda Sing will inspire you or your organization to tap into the authentic leader that resides within you. Many leadership coaches can lay claim to this, but there are only a handful in the entire world that have the unique ability to utilize the amazing attributes and insights of horses into the training curriculum. This may seem unorthodox to you at first glance, but the fact is that horses have been a significant part of human achievement for thousands of years. There’s a degree of mystery and wonder in these creatures, but in the workplace their significant contributions have yet to be fully embraced. The fact is, horses share some very important habits with humans, and it is this similarity to us that make them particularly suited to mirror our experiences and provide insights into our own behaviour.

  • Equine Assisted Learning

    The programme is designed to enhance self awareness, team functioning and communication.
  • Leadership Development

    Leadership is earned through demonstrating authenticity and truthfulness and not through positional power.


Chloe Consultants

equine assisted learning leadership development