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SHADO WHOLESALING Incorporating SHADO-Shoes SHADO-Handbag Inc. SHADO Business Opportunity WHO IS SHADO WHOLESALING? SHADO Wholesaling is a developer and distributor of ladies fashion shoes, handbagsand accessories. The primary focus of which is the wholesale of these products to various sized businesses. SHADO Business Opportunity (SBO) is a specialised unit within SHADO Wholesaling thatparticularly focuses on the needs of individuals setting up business outside the greater Cape Town area. To have a successful merchandising business, you firstly need access to a wide selection ofhigh-quality, value for money products. SBO focuses on getting you access to these products. CATALOGUES: An updated catalogue containing all the shoes, handbags & accessories is sent to SBOcustomers once a week. In addition to the weekly catalogue, SBO customers are sent a catalogue of all new ranges that arrive. PURCHASING PROCEDURE: The purchasing procedure is simple. 1) Peruse theweekly catalogue sent to you 2) Select the products that you would like to purchase 3) Send us an email indicating the style numbers, colours and quantities you require 4) We will give you feedbackon availability 5) We will give you a quote (in Rands) for what you require 6) If required, a quote for postal or courier service is given (90% of our customers use postal services). All postal orcourier services is for your account 7) Full payment is required before stock is released 8) Turnaround time from deposit reflecting in our account is 5 - 7 days with postal services DISCOUNT POLICY:HANDBAGS A discount of 35% on suggested retail price will apply when buying 6 bags or more of different style & colour A discount of 45% on suggested retail price will apply when buying 12 bagsor more of different style & colour SHOES A discount of 20% will apply when buying12 pairs of different style & colour A discount of 35% will apply when buying 6 pairs of the same style&colour A discount of 45% will apply when buying 12 pairs or more of the same style& colour RETURN POLICY: Once you have received goods and are unhappy with your purchase, the following procedurewill apply: SHOES o Notify us immediately via telephone or email Customers have 30 days to return goods No cash refunds Shoes will only be exchanged for different sizes If size is not available, wewill exchange for a different style to the same value. Where the value of the shoe is different, the customer pays the difference. HANDBAGS Notify us immediately via telephone or email Customers have30 days to return goods No cash refunds Handbags are only exchanged if the bag has a manufacturing fault. There are no returns on sale handbags or shoes Company Registration Number: 2002/017143/23VAT Registration Number: 4680197821 Postal Address: P. O. Box 24592, Lansdowne Industry, 7779, Cape Town Physical Address: 13 Flamingo Crescent, Lansdowne Industry, 7780, Cape Town Landline: 021797-5869
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    we sell handbags and shoes, bulk buyers welcome. Anyone wanting to start own business welcome too.

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Shado Wholesaling
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