Paco Language School in Kraaifontein

Paco Language School is the only privately-owned and independent English language school in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. We offer weekend English courses, private General English lessons, private Business English lessons, and Corporate Training.
  • Weekend Warrior

    Our Weekend Warrior English course has been specifically designed for full-time employees and students who might otherwise find it difficult to study English as most part-time English courses are presented at night when it might not be practical, safe or preferable to travel. Weekend Warrior is an intensive English course covering 36 hours of English tuition over a period of 3 months. To allow the ultimate in flexibility, Weekend Warrior is available in one of two options. Students can choose between the 1st option where tution occurs on Saturdays only or the 2nd option where tuition occurs on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Weekend Warrior
    • Weekend Warrior
    • Weekend Warrior
    • Weekend Warrior
  • 1:1 FreeStyle

    Our 1:1 FreeStyle private General English lessons offer you the opportunity to receive individual attention from a fully qualified TEFL teacher at affordable rates. This is your chance to experience the flexibility, personal attention, and freedom that can only come from the hands of a qualified and experienced TEFL teacher. Say goodbye to restrictive course schedules and planned course work and welcome the freedom of choosing when and what you want to study! Whether you are looking for 1 hour a week or 1 hour a day, whether you want to learn the basics of grammar, the art of speaking, or the joys of writing; 1:1 FreeStyle is the answer.
  • 1:1 BizStyle

    Using imported course material especially developed for use in private Business English tuition scenarios, 1:1 BizStyle offers students multi-skilled (writing, speaking, listening, reading, and vocabulary) Business English learning that integrates essential business grammar with skills work in true-to-life business situations. As an added bonus, students will receive a vocabulary list related to their work or study field as well as a CD-ROM featuring extra listening material, email practice, interactive grammar exercises, and language tests for additional study between classes.** Minimum booking required.
  • Corporate Training

    "My employees struggle to communicate with each other." "My consultants do not understand what customers want." "My receptionist can't spell or doen't know how to write business letters." These are some of the top complaints that managers and owners of businesses air. It is so often the case that employees are hired for their specific skills wihout the necessary assurance that said employees can function properly within the English speaking business environment. This is further complicated in South Africa where more than 70 % of all people's first language is not English. Paco Language School offers an intensive Corporate Training programme.


Paco Language School

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