Deez Hippie Valley in Kensington, Johannesburg

I do Hippie Tie-Dyed T-shirts, I do orders from 1 shirt to 100 depending on your requirements. I just need your size/s and colours wanted. I do not own a shop I work from home, so please call to make an appointment if you'ed like to come and see me :)

  • Clothing and Accessories

    Hand Tie-Dyed Hippie T-shirts, Tie-Dyed Jeans, table clothes, curtains. 100% cotton T's.Hippie Headbands, John Lennon Sun Glasses and other accessories are available upon request.
  • Hippie Party T-Shirts and Accessories

    I am able to do Hippie Hand Tie Dyed T-Shirts for any occasion and I am able to get accessories such as John Lennon Glasses, Bandanas, Peace Signs, Coloured Hair Spray and Wigs, Tattoo Sleeves...See my Face Book Page for all items and prices.


Deez Hippie Valley
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