Revive Corporate Services in Kempton Park

We specialise in the development, structuring and marketing of new, start up or existing businesses.

We offer full structuring from start to finish or we can design a package around what your existing business needs to turn your business ideas into a successful and profitable concern.

Our aim is to help develop small and medium companies achieve the results they want. Our focus is on superior customer service and satisfaction.

  • Unique Agencies now selling

    Unique business opportunity. Revive A Drive Agencies now selling.

    Start trading immediately. All equipment, marketing, branding, admin, training etc. needed to run your business is supplied by us. We even have sales people out there to bring business to you.

    The unique opportunity to be part of our company's expansion and growth will require Agencies to participate in the cleaning of floor surfaces to home and business owner's country wide. The most common deep cleaning performed is to concrete, cement paving, clay paving, imprinted paving, tiles, slate and wooden decking. The removal of dirt, grime, algae, moss, grease, rubber, diesel and oil. Effectively and effortlessly we revive dirty paved areas to its original state. Alternative methods apart from replacing or painting areas are now offered as an affordable and efficient alternative.

    We have vested in the latest international and local technology, techniques and equipment to be used to perform the task of surface cleaning. We deliver a quality service and end result with a focus on client satisfaction and expectations.

    What We Offer

    Agencies receive a comprehensive business package, including the full support of a back office. Working as an Agency gives you access to substantial advertising exposure on an ongoing basis. This is a unique opportunity as there are little or no competitors to compete with. The Agency receives the following benefits to name but a few:

    Ø National branding and exposure

    Ø Marketing and advertising

    Ø Additional sales and quotes provided to your Agency

    Ø Comprehensive equipment and machinery

    Ø Ready to start immediately as a professional business

    Ø Can work from home or existing business

    Ø Defined areas to work in

    Ø Low running costs

    Ø Small staff compliment

    Ø Client Call Centre

    Ø Fantastic earning potential

    Further details can be obtained from us. Only serious parties need apply for our prospectus.

    • Unique Agencies now selling
    • Unique Agencies now selling
    • Unique Agencies now selling
    • Unique Agencies now selling
    • Unique Agencies now selling


Revive Corporate Services
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