Nfs technology group in Kempton Park

Provides superior service, software and constant client support through technology for hotels, restaurants, corporate meeting rooms, conference venues and clubs.

  • Corporate Hospitality Software

    We design our product suite to promote integration and constantly develop ways to assist you with the task of creating a more integrated total solution.

    The NFS product suite gives you a dual benefit: you gain an outstanding range of software whilst our consultancy experience enables you to 'connect' key aspects of your business in the most effective way. This frees up staff time to enhance your customer service and lowers operating costs.

    The bottom line?

    A better long-term return on investment.

  • Rendezvous Events

    Designed with commercial and unique venues in mind, Rendezvous Events is fully integrated event scheduling software for conference management, meeting management, catering and resources. Our advanced booking software offers comprehensive room and resource scheduling capabilities as well as extensive task management, client management & CRM, and billing - meaning venues are able to manage even the most demanding event with seamless efficiency.

  • Rendezvous Workspace

    Designed for the corporate sector, Rendezvous Workspace is a browser-based facility scheduling software solution built using the latest Microsoft .Net technology. It can be deployed with equal effectiveness in single sites and in organizations spanning multiple locations and time zones. Our easy-to-use, fully integrated scheduling software enables the booking of Meeting Rooms, Hoteling & Hot Desking, Car Parks, Catering, Video Conference & Telepresence and AV - from potentially anywhere in the world.

  • Rendesvouz SaaS (software as a service)

    Rendezvous is also offered as a hosted service which comprises fully integrated, reliable Rendezvous functionality delivered from a highly secure, hosted platform over the Internet. It is offered as a periodic, subscription-based service which means we can offer the complete functionality of the Rendezvous suite - including Rendezvous Events and Rendezvous Workspace - in a secure, hosted environment. Rendezvous SaaSoffers easier, faster and more affordable technology and is ideally suited to small and medium organisations.


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