Insulake Construction & Projects in Kempton Park

Insulake Construction and Projects cc is an active service provider and has been since 2006. We are well equipped and staffed to attend to any job at hand. We are a 50 % black and 50 % white owned Company. Our Members have 20+ years experience in the Insulation Industry.VISIONTo be an entrepreneurial incentive and to contribute to the mainstream economy by creating job opportunities and to establish our Company as a leader in its category of workOUR MISSIONTo remain established in the mainstream economy and to create jobs for the unemployed through on the job trainingOUR COMMITMENTThe Company shall at all times adhere to and be in good standing with the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (Act 130 of 1993) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Act 85 of 1993). The Company commit to employ only persons that are responsible, competent and of good character. We specialize in:•All aspects of sheet metal cladding using:oGalvanised sheet metaloStainless steel sheet metaloAluminium sheet metal•Hot and cold insulation eg. tanks, storage tanks, vessels, boilers and pipe work•Fire proofing•Ducting insulation as is required in the Air Conditioning Industry•Insulation, cladding and Insulation repairs of hot and cold storage plant vehicles eg. trucks and vans•Repairs to insulated plant and equipment •Sandblasting and paintingOur services are offered to:•Processing and manufacturing industriesWhat makes us unique:•We offer a 24 hour emergency breakdown service on insulation•Our quality workmanship and guarantee•Our competitive prices•Our good project management and organizational skills•We offer on site and off site repairs. Off site repairs at no additional cost.•All safety and OHS measures applied on the job•No job is too big or too small


Insulake Construction & Projects

sheet metal cladding hot and cold insulation ducting insulation insulation and cladding repairs repairs to insulated plant and equipment