WildlifeCampus in johannesburg

WildlifeCampus is an online, public access, Virtual Campus that specialises in wildlife, wildlife-related, natural science, guiding and ecotourism courses.

At present 26 different offerings are available, from fully accredited, endorsed and industry recognised certificate qualifications to short courses.

WildlifeCampus is a FGASA Accredited Trainer, and currently offers the best : - Game Ranging (Field Guiding) - Trails Guide (Advanced Field Guiding, formerly (SKS [DA]) - Game Lodge Management - Geology, Palaeontology and Evolution - Animal Tracks & Signs of Africa - Marine Biology for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts - Wildlife Photography - FGASA Exam Preparation Course - Wildlife Management - Snakes & Reptiles of the Lowveld - Birding by Habitat: Beginner, Enthusiast & Expert - Game Ranch Economics - Mammals of the South African Lowveld - Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores - Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores - Behaviour Guide to African Primates - Astronomy - Hunting Debate - Survival - Introduction to Photography - African Folklore - The Guides Guide to Guiding - Big "5" courses available anywhere. These are targeted at the serious, curious, the career orientated and the wildlife enthusiast.

  • Game Ranging / Field Guiding Course

    Our Game Ranging / Field Guiding Course is the most comprehensive of its kind offered anywhere in the world (± 2,000 pages of text supported by ± 3,000 images and ± 1,500 assessment questions). It also has the distinction of being the best value for money at R 2,995 for the online verison & R 4,500 for the offline version. The qualification (A Certificate in Game Ranging) gained from completing the full course is conferred by WildlifeCampus and accredited & endorsed by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA).
  • Game Lodge Management Course

    Our Game Lodge Management Course, was written in collaboration with Wilderness Safaris, and is the first true Lodge Management course to have been released to the general public. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the creation and running of lodges, this offering is suitable for those seeking to enter this rewarding industry, or for safari companies that strive to emulate the accomplishments of one of the World's most successful lodge group. It sells for R 990.
  • Wildlife Management Course

    Our Wildlife Management Course is based on the University of Pretoria's Centre for Wildlife Management's Honours degree programme, but has been re-written so that no prior learning is required. The qualification gained by completing the full course is a Certificate in Wildlife Management, is conferred by WildlifeCampus. The full online course cost is R 1,650. The course is also available in a normal distance learning format at R 3,000
  • Geology, Palaeontology and Evolution Course

    Our Geology, Palaeontology and Evolution Course was written by world renowned Professors, Bruce Rubidge and Terence McCarthy from the University of the Witwatersrand, coupled with contributions by an additional 16 content experts, this is certainly one of the best written courses ever offered by WildlifeCampus. This is the story of Earth and Life. Take a 13.7 billion year journey to explore the parallel evolution of The Universe, Planet Earth and Life that developed upon it. From supercontinents to dinosaurs to meteor impacts to The Cradle of Humankind to mass extinctions and much more .This incredible offering sells for R 1,200.
  • Animal Tracks & Signs of Africa Course

    Our Animal Tracks & Signs of Africa Course was written by Chris and Mathilde Stuart. Enhanced by over 300 illustrations, 1,300 photographs and a comprehensive assessment, this course takes an in-depth look at Tracks, Prints, Spoor, Trails, Droppings, Feeding Signs, Kill Sites, Mud Wallowing, Rubbing Posts, Tree Scratchings, Scent Marking, Holes, Bark-Stripping, Shed Hair, Skin & Feathers, Nests in and out of Trees, Mammal & Invertebrate Shelters and Skulls. This course will enhance your enjoyment of the wild, even when no animals are seen. It is highly recommended and sells for R 1,375
  • Marine Biology Course for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts

    Our Marine Biology Course for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts, also known as Marine Field Guiding is the benchmark Course for those who wish to greatly enhance their Marine-related activities for their clients as well as themselves. Whether you're active along the coast, inter-tidal zone or submerged on a coral reef, this course provides you with an in-depth knowledge of the habitat, ecology and organisms you're encountering. Irrespective of whether you're a professional marine guide, recreational diver or ocean enthusiast - this course is for you. It consists of 39 comprehensive Components and sells for R 1,515.
  • Advanced Animal Behaviour Courses

    Our Advanced Animal Behaviour Courses were written by the world renowned ethologist, Professor Richard Estes, these are the most comprehensive courses of their kind. Featuring 115 Components, incorporating over 6,000 pages of text, line drawings, photographs, tables, graphs, references and assessment questions, this is everything you ever wanted to know about the behaviour, biology and ecology of African Carnivores, Herbivores and Primates. R 1,450 for African Carnivores, R 2,425 for African Herbivores and R 550 for African Primates. Should you wish to buy the whole series, you'll be entitled to a further 25 % discount, please enquire before you purchase. The Mammals of the South African Lowveld Course is a composite course derived from the 3 courses described above, featuring only Lowveld endemic species. This 73 Component course sells for R 2,750.
  • Trails Guide Course

    Our Trails Guide Course, also known as Advanced Field Guiding (formerly Special Knowledge and Skills for Dangerous Animals ) is the follow-on from our Game Ranging Course. Written by Lex Hes and Anton Lategan of Eco Training, this is a must for those field guides who want to take their guiding to the next level or, for those who have enjoyed our Game Ranging Course and wish to explore Dangerous Animals from an in-depth perspective. It sells for R 605. This Trails Guide Course is accredited and endorsed by FGASA to their Level # 4 and co-conferred by Eco Training.
  • Game Capture, Care & Management of Wildlife Course

    This is the definitive guide and reference to African Game Capture, Translocation and the holding of Game in Temporary Captivity. Written by world-renowned game capture expert, Mike la Grange, this is certainly one of the best-written and most interesting courses ever offered by WildlifeCampus. This exceedingly useful and fascinating course is available for R 1,425.
  • Subscription Option

    Get access to all 28 Online Courses on offer. You effectively getting R 27,000 worth of courses for R 250 per month (credit card) or R 275 (direct deposit).
  • Wilderness Navigation Course

    Our Wilderness Navigation Course is a practical navigation course for all hikers, trampers, mountaineers, orienteering enthusiasts, outdoor leaders, teachers, scouts, guides, adventure racers, rescue teams and anyone else who ventures “Anyplace Wild”. It sells for R 950. Written by master navigator, Andrew R Friedemann, this may be the most valuable course you will ever study. Navigation is a skill that can be learnt by anyone; developing a proficiency in this ability can save your life and will significantly enhance your experiences when venturing into the outdoors.
  • Medically Important Spiders Course

    ur Medically Important Spiders Course is one of the most useful short-courses available, whether you are a homebody or spend a lot of time in the bush or even in your garden. If you have ever had a spider bite, would like to know the appropriate treatment, or would like to be able to identify medically important spiders then this is the course for you. It is designed to prepare you in the event of a spider biting you or someone close to you. It can be particularly useful if you have children or guide younger nature enthusiasts. The course sells for a modest R300.
  • Game Ranch Economics Course

    Our Game Ranch Economics Course This course examines the trends toward game ranching, the upfront costs, ongoing revenue & expenditure, infrastructural expenses, profitability trends and profit drivers of game ranching. Its concluding Module investigates conservancies, game management and the ethics of running a successful, profitable and sustainable game ranch. Applicable to the dedicated wildlife enthusiast, prospective game farm investor and current game ranch owner, this course is a MUST for those seeking the realities of starting and running a game farm, game ranch or conservancy. The course cost is R 365.
  • Human–Wildlife Conflict Course

    Our Human–Wildlife Conflict Course examines problem animals in the wildlife management context. An animal or bird becomes a Problem Animal when it competes at an unacceptable level for human resources or becomes a danger to human life. This course explores these Conflicts and Resolutions, it sells for R 605.
  • Mountain Guiding Course

    Our Mountain Guiding Course presents a distillation of the wisdom and experience gained from 100 years of mountaineering in South Africa and elsewhere. Respect for the mountains, both for their challenges and their hazards, can only be learnt by being exposed to them, preferably under the guidance of a competent leader. This course however, provides a valuable adjunct to experience; the novice will be assisted in learning about mountain leadership and how to behave in the mountains; the more experienced mountaineer or hiker will use it to consolidate his or her knowledge, fill in the gaps and learn new skills. The Course is free for all students, however the Certificate, only for those who want it, may be redeemed at a cost of R 550.
  • Astronomy Course

    14 billion years in the making, our Astronomy Course is a must for the dedicated enthusiast, causal stargazer or for anyone who ever looked up at the night sky in wonder or appreciation. Featuring over 750 spectacular images of galaxies, quasars, constellations, planets, moons, comets, meteors, asteroids, space craft and a wide variety of other fascinating objects. This course is the most comprehensive of its kind available, truly unique and competitively priced at R 770.
  • Snakes & Reptiles of the Lowveld Course

    Our Snakes & Reptiles of the Lowveld Course was written by renowned expert and snake handler in this field, Ian Dewsbury, this Course covers the identification, classification, characterisation, reproduction, description and distribution of the 89 species of larger reptiles and snakes endemic to the Highveld and Lowveld regions of South Africa. It has been designed for both those wishing to obtain a good overview of the subject as well as the serious student whose objective is a more in-depth knowledge. Get it for R 660.
  • Hunting: A Balanced Perspective

    Hunting: A Balanced Perspective. This course is not about how to hunt or where to hunt. It is not written from the perspective of the pro or anti hunting lobbies, but rather it attempts to portray a balanced view of the hunting debate. Both the pro-hunting and anti-hunting perspectives are examined in their own words and on their own terms. We trust that you’ll be able to reach your own informed conclusion. R495.



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