The Joy Studio in Johannesburg

Angela is a spiritual teacher, learner and writer who works with individuals and groups in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and White River. In these cities she offers spiritual growth clubs,workshops, talks and personal and group channelling. Our international clients enjoy long-distance channelled readings, which are emailed to them within an hour. We are thrilled by new information,especially that which lends to the conscious evolution of people into deeper degrees of joy and self awareness. Her readings focus singularly on what lies beneath surface reality and on empoweringpeople to expand their truth in order to expand their joy. Spiritual growth is most available when we are having fun. That's why our business is called Travelling Light and it's why we lovefacilitating deep learning experiences through games played in groups. Angela's spiritual growth clubs open up this possibility as do our facilitated Transformation Game and Vision Board evenings.Increasingly we am learning about the wisdom and significance of the body in moving us towards our joy. A lot of our blocks to full, wild, loving expression in the world reside in our bodies and inour attitudes to our bodies. We envision a world where we celebrate the body instead of shame and control it, and to this end we run a body consciousness workshop called Embody, designed to allow youto fall in love with your body forever.


The Joy Studio