The Facilitation Workshop in Johannesburg

Enterprise wide risk management focussing on the inherent risks presented by the Human Capital in an organisation. Our focus is on compliance requirements as well as the skills and behavioural impacts of human capital. Our services include: Compliance auditing ,Learning and Education, Organisational culture audits and behavioural change management processes

  • Occupational health, safety and environmental management

    Implementation of occupational health, safety and environmental management systems including competency based learning solutions, compliance audits and behaviour based safety solutions that integrates chosen behaviours with recognition and reward systems.
  • FAIS Compliance

    We are launching our Banking and Wealth Management programmes in January 2010. Both these programmes will provide people in possession of such qualifications a passport into sought after roles in the financial services sector ( banking and insurance). The financial services sector is regulated by a series of key legislative pieces, most importantly the FAIS Act which prescribes the qualifications that people must have in order to provide specific products and services to customers. With this qualification, prospective employers in the financial services sector can focus on developing your skills to enhance their business rather than ensuring that you meet the requirements of compliance. This is a huge saving for the potential employer, and making you a very attractive potential employee………Why do your qualification with us?•We are a small private college dedicated to ensuring the success of our students. We only register 300 students per year, allowing us the opportunity to provide dedicated effort. That’s why 80% of them successfully complete the qualification, •We provide our students with the life-long skill of how to learn successfully… we don’t assume that they know how to study successfully….•We provide our students with flexible assessment options - online assessments and /or the submission of a portfolio of evidence •We provide our students with support focused at ensuring their success•We can provide financial options to fund the educational endeavours of our studentsFor more information contact or call 087 807 8564


The Facilitation Workshop

occupational health, safety and environmental management fais compliance