The Campus Group in Johannesburg

The core function of The Campus Group is to provide e-learning solutions for corporates, by creating, designing and building customised, online Virtual Campuses. These campuses are utilised for providing access to Courses, Learning Material, Induction Programmes, Staff Training & Upskilling in addition to Automated Assessments and Testing.
  • E-Learning Solutions

    True integrated E-learning and Virtual Campus Solutions for Micro to Enterprise Corporates. Content delivery and assessment is all online and automated.
    • E-Learning Solutions
  • Website Design

    Website design and building. Static or database driven website construction.
  • Website & E-mail hosting

    Website and / or just e-mail hosting for your site or domain.
  • Website Statistics

    Real-time websiste statistics for your website, rich variety of reports from traffic to user demographics, hardware and software


The Campus Group

e-learning solutions website design website & e-mail hosting website statistics