TeleReference in Johannesburg

TeleReference Systems is a South African technology company focused on development, manufacture, sales and support of the Truelog Voice Logging and custom Telecommunication systems. TeleReference is based in Johannesburg, and has technical support offices in Durban and Cape Town. High level support is available on a 24/7 basis, with specialists available to travel at the shortest notice. In other areas of the RSA, the company has alliances with local PABX suppliers who are able to offer effective first line support. The Truelog system was launched into the market in 2005. It integrates with any PBX system to be found in the South African marketplace, is cost effective at any capacity, and offers comprehensive and intuitive user interfaces to simplify the tasks of call retrieval. The system is equipped with tools for the analysis of line routing and utilization, simplifying the task of optimizing telecoms cost structures in call centres, or in any business which makes extensive use of the telephone. The advantages of the Truelog system were recognised by the SA Police Force when a tender for the supply of voice logging systems was awarded to marketing partner Redsox Telecommunication in 2006. This has led to the ongoing supply of Voice Loggers to the 10111 emergency response centres, and to the re-awarding of this national tender in 2009. As is the case with all Voice Logging products today, the Truelog system is computer based, and effective use is made of remote connectivity to customer systems. This allows for the resolution of maintenance and support issues within short turnaround times. Where a customer has unique or non-standard requirements, the original product development team is available to carry out rapid integration. Truelog systems are deployed across all sectors of commerce, industry, and the services sectors. The installed base varies from SME installations to large call centre and enterprise systems, with diverse operational and integration requirements. Product development is an ongoing priority within TeleReference and product enhancements are released on a regular basis. TeleReference’s mission is to lead the market through ongoing technical development and effective customer support. Our philosophy of ‘listening to our customers’ has led to many customer-driven enhancements in the past, and will undoubtedly lead to many more in the future.