Student Brands in Johannesburg

The Student Brands Way

A young, innovative team of people with new and exciting ideas are the heart and soul of Student Brands. We are enthusiastic about our company and are always looking for new networking opportunities. We approach every business deal with our utmost dedication, attention and capabilities.

Enhancing Student Life

Students don't stay students forever. This is a concept that very few your adults are prepared for, as a student life can differ vastly form the "real world" that awaits them. Students graduate every year just waiting to make their mark on the world. They're all eager to apply their hard-earned education to creating careers for themselves. But the world of business is tough and competitive. Student Brands often liaises with Student Representative Councils from around South Africa (a group of students in each university elected to represent students' collective interests) in an effort to understand where students experience difficulties and how we can assist them. Furthermore, the founders of Student Brands were still students when they started the company and they experienced many difficulties, which are now alleviated by Student Brands. We strive to address these issues and hope to reduce the number of students who experience similar problems.

  • Free student advertising

    Welcome to Student Brands brand yourself and your company we offer free advertising to all students around the country and give the latest and greatest parties and events for free we are based in south africa and show all the latest clubs and what they doing in the up coming weeks we also offer free prizes for people who spent lots of time on our forum we help you brand your self so you dont have to


Student Brands
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