Spartan in Johannesburg

Spartan is a technology rental company with over 27 years experience in offering flexible rental solutions of essential business technology to government, parastatals, corporates & SMMEs. Our value-added services include procurement; insurance; maintenance; asset management; short-term hire; the sale of Spartan certified, second hand equipment; end-of-life disposal - or any combination of these – enabling clients to focus on their business while preserving their cash flow & existing credit lines.

  • short term equipment rental

    In addition to long term rental solutions, Spartan through their specialist short-term product – Hire I.T – rents out all technology goods for a day, week, month or, a year. This applies to everything from notebooks to networks, PCs to mid-range servers, wireless networks to presentation projectors, and standard configurations to newly released constrained systems.Spartan can bring you technology in an instant. Whether your equipment has been lost or stolen or you just have a conference, a show day, or training and you need additional equipment fast, you can count on us! We will provide the necessary equipment for as long as you need it. You no longer have to worry about the lack of technology in tight situations.
  • full maintenance rental

    Spartan’s Full Maintenance Rental product combines an operating lease with the value-added services, as listed below. Combining these services with your essential equipment finance allows Spartan to deal with all the hassle associated with acquiring, maintaining and disposing of technology equipment, so you don’t have to. Our offering includes : procurement; maintenance; insurance; finance; warranty management and disposal.



short term equipment rental full maintenance rental