socialmedia-business in johannesburg

Social media as a marketing method presents challenges to business owners. They may understand the need for marketing in this form but do not have the inclination to learn and partake in social media daily and over weekends.We understand this need and have experienced staff who work round the clock worldwide to help create and maintain your online presence and increase the brand awareness your business so desperately needs.We create and manage profiles and business pages on Facebook and twitter. We create profiles and partake in group discussions on LinkedIn and also partake in many of the other social platforms where there is good traffic such as YouTube, Squidoo, StumbleUpon, Flickr, Digg etc,etc.We research content weekly and have this lined up to be published throughout the week at set intervals. We are able to schedule releases of this content at intervals we know when it would be best to do so.We have been working in this field for the past five years and only now has it really taken off. We know that Social media relies on free time for individuals. Most people only really have time early in the morning before they go to work and at night when they arrive home, as well as weekends and public holidays. This is when we present content that is of interest for your targeted consumers.We can track and trace statistics for you. We can show you race, gender, ages, locations, spending habits and more information, all allowing you to form and create your brand and products to suit your target market and improve your sales..Social media is here to stay and the sooner you reap the benefits of this form of marketing, the better it will be for your business. Contact us for help and we will get your business and brand recognized online.