Slalom Marketing Consulting in Johannesburg

Slalom Marketing Consulting specialises in the development and execution of business marketing strategies and events through the development of stand-alone product strategies or full marketing campaigns.We create, design and develop powerful, end-to-end marketing campaigns that enhance customer retention, strengthen relationships with customers, and increase deal closure rates.
  • Marketing Consulting and Marketing Strategy Development

    Slalom Marketing Consulting builds competitive integrated marketing campaigns that meet the strategic requirements of our clients. Services include:* Strategic direction, management and execution of marketing, communications and event strategies * Lead and demand generation plans, sales promotion, channel and partner marketing and assistance in identifying marketing opportunities *Direct Marketing, including telemarketing * Market research services, such as competitor audits and differentiation, identification of prospects and industry and market trend analysis* Client audit and relationship development models to understand and grow your client base* Product/Solution launches* Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis* Management services, including Campaign management, PR, advertising, web design, multimedia and photography * Brand audit and corporate identity development including brand strategy, brand architecture, brand identity, brand positioning, education, messaging platform, logo development and brand management* Collateral development * Public Relations management, trade awareness programmes, press events and media kits* Marketing management, product marketing and marketing strategy development* Communication strategy development and customer relationship marketing* Corporate marketing including business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing
  • Marketing Strategy & Campaign Development

    Slalom Marketing Consulting conceives, plans and executes marketing campaigns that create lasting recognition and pipeline development. We are ready to assist you with:All differentiating factors of your company and its products/services Your message to market and promise to your customer, and how you wish to be perceived (now and in the future) SWOT analysis, competitive differentiation, positioning and value proposition Promotion and distribution analysis and campaign development Communication plans and PR to generate awareness and preference Budget development
  • Lead Generation/Demand Generation

    Slalom Marketing Consulting develops comprehensive demand generation strategies with creative, multi-touch campaigns across all channels, helping your sales teams to close more deals. This results in increased customer retention, while keeping existing clients loyal to your brand with a minimal budget outlay and increasing your ROI. This is achieved through incorporating creative messaging and campaign techniques to reduce the long-term cost of complex sales, increasing your return on investment.Slalom Marketing Consulting crafts lead-generation programmes that complement your strategic and tactical marketing efforts, including:Email opt-in marketing, Services marketing, Webinars, Seminars, White paper and content-based sponsorships, Advertising, Google Adwords, Tradeshows/Events, Telemarketing campaigns, Direct marketing, Channel marketing,
  • Case Studies & Testimonials

    Slalom Marketing Consulting develops customer case studies to shine a spotlight on our clients. Creating a body of character references is a powerful sales tool. A satisfied client is often a company’s bestselling tool and relating that story via submitted articles, case studies, press releases, press briefings and speaking opportunities is worth a thousand words.
  • Market Research

    Slalom Marketing Consulting conducts market research on behalf of its clients, analyses the findings, and prepares recommendations for future activities.Our research for current clients includes: Market analysis and trends, Prospective clients, Target market segmentation and validation, Industry trends, Competitive research, Innovation opportunities
  • Content Services

    Crafting the right message is vital to the communication success of any organisation. Slalom Marketing Consulting’s services cover a range of areas that will convey your message in presentations, case studies, white papers, articles, proposals and newsletters.Newsletter developmentCreate electronic newsletters that will build relationships and help you generate demand for complex sales. Slalom Marketing Consulting creates newsletters which boost the effectiveness of your communications, attract prospects, build customer loyalty and improve response rates.
  • Creative Services

    Slalom Marketing Consulting through a team of experts in marketing, creative design, copywriting and brand developers, create communications that your customers can relate to. Our services include:Professional brand development to increase awareness, acquisition and pipeline development Production of effective messaging that connects with customers and prospects and leads them to take action Collateral development including websites, newsletter, advertising, direct mail and other promotional tools
  • Events

    Managing an event can be a daunting task, which is where our expertise comes in. Slalom Marketing Consulting will help you get your event strategy firmly in place and manage every aspect of the event for you. While we have a hands-on approach to managing events, we do not lose sight of the overall strategy behind an event. Typical Events Include:Product/Solution Launches, Client conferences,Exhibitions,Client workshops,Award ceremonies


Slalom Marketing Consulting

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