ScaleAway in Johannesburg

Limescale Flushing Service - Flushing of the water side of your equipment on a regular basis, is a preventative measure to maintain optimum working temperature and viscosity of machine/hydraulic oil. This ensures machine settings are maintained which eliminates down-time on production and minimizes wear and tear on your machines. Bio-degradable chemical cleaning with ScaleAwayTM eliminates scale build-up, which is like cholesterol for your water cooled and water heated equipment. The flushing fluid will maintain adequate running temperature of machine during the flushing process.
  • ScaleAway

    Our pilot product. ScaleAway21/12 is a new technology eco-friendly bio-degradable, non-toxic descaler specifically formulated to rapidly clean limescale, rust, mud and sludge from passages in allwater-cooled or water-heated equipment.