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MISSIONThe mission of Saint Wellness is to provide information and wellness based services to those who seek to live a lifestyle in perfect balance.GOALSaint Wellness aims to become an industry leader in fulfilling our mission by investing highly skilled human resources as well as bring to every household the knowledge and tools to managed their lifestyle that brings about balance, happiness and success!VALUESWe are committed to bringing knowledge and tools to improve the quality of human lifeWe commit to guiding the customer in doing mindful thinking and doing work that builds confidenceHelp you to define your higher purposed for wellness and uncover your natural impulse to be wellWe will address mental and physical health together.BUSINESS MODELSThe current market makes way for wellness coaches in the public and private sector because of the following factors:Stress - social or economicalObesity – Where you BMI is over 25 and your body fat % is above normal rangesChronic illnesses – Where medical intervention is required to manage a health challenge or eventDrug addiction – The use of narcotics and stimulantsDepression – where the emotional state of the individual is unhappy and possibly suicidal.Doctors only treat the body! More people are turning to alternative modalities because the traditional medicals are not helping. Although there are doctors who have seen the advantage they gain being involved in this sector and are joining the natural healing process.Saint Wellness is working with the whole person and not various aspects.The whole person indicates working with the entire body and the mind. These two facets are interrelated and are treated as one.The subdivisions which we work to improve the state of wellbeing of the body and mind are the following:DietRelaxationExerciseMental attitudeWhen subtle changes are made in the lifestyle such as eliminating excessive use of sugar, carbohydrates, processed food and carcinogenic substances, we begin to see the benefits of creating a lifestyle that is in perfect balance and return to the natural balanced of human nature.WHAT SAINT WELLNESS OFFERSSaint Wellness offers lifestyle coaching in varying methods:One on one consultation to perform a full body analysis where we can establish at what rate the body’s metabolism is functioning, lifestyle habits and mental frame of mind. Make recommendations on a plan of action.Education programs and Workshops are established for the public and at a corporate level to allow the individuals to participate in their own analysis and learn tools and techniques on how to bring about physical and mental change.Nutritional Supplementation to enhance the particular programWellness retreats and treatmentsMind –Body coaching enhances the physical program by changing negative thought processes and re-establishing positive ones, when there is understanding of how the body and mind are linked the individual has the ability to further enhance the process of change.Through the entire process it’s the customer who makes their own decisions and actively sets goals and creates their own plan of action.The wellness coaching process consists of the following:Assessments that are interactive and will entail the full body analysis and interviewEducation where coaching will bring information to the customer as well as practical tools Commitment ContractSetting goals that are realistic and practical and suits the individual needsPlan of Action to map the steps forwardFollow up to ensure the plan of action is being followed as well as problem solving.Celebrating the individuals success within the programOther Health initiatives where customers have access to other modalities to enhance the individual programHomeopathHealth Spa’sReiki TherapyLife Coaching


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