Sa Paving in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is arguably the busiest city on the African continent. As the economic hub of South Africa, the City of Gold prides itself on how popular it has become among investors, industry giantsand businesspeople alike. The fast-paced lifestyle, as well as the weather in Johannesburg (which includes heavy rains and hailstorms) can easily take their toll on any ordinary paving job. However,SA Paving ensures durability and sustainability, thus providing you with paving that is built to withstand the elements. We also have a branch of Pavekleen in Johannesburg to combat the grime anddirt that accumulates on your paving, restoring it to its original state.
Our 25 year guarantee testifies to the faith we have in our own workmanship and we offer a variety of products and services to bring all your paving and home improvement dreams into fruition.
  • Pave Kleen

    Your paving will be PAVE KLEENED with a Multi-Purpose Degreasing agent and or an Industrial Cleaning agent depending on the severity of the stains. We will then High Pressure Clean as well as buffand polish your paving with and Industrial quality high pressure cleaner and polisher. We repair the paving where necessary, the repair will cover sagged, dipped and cracked paving. Once the pavinghas been PAVE KLEENED and the repairs have been completed your paving will then be regrouted. The final aspect is the Sealing of your paving, this is done directly after the grouting process, withour ONE OF A KIND Sealant.


Sa Paving

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