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SA Consulting is a professional Industrial Relations service provider to all sectors of the South African economy. We provide a partially or fully Labour Law function to our valued clients and assurethat our staff and appointment of such individuals is of the highest standards. SA Consulting is a business that caters individually for each and every client and business enterprise that wants to bepart of our winning team of professionals. SA Consulting is a business built and established on high ethical values and principals. We believe in fairness and honesty in everything we do, and weproject our image accordingly.
Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management
  • Litigation Service

    CCMA Bargaining Councils Labour Court
  • HR service

    Start-to-End HR Management: Recruitment of staff on request from the company (arranging interviews) - additional fee for placing of ads. Ensure that employees receive and complete all relevantdocumentation for employment - contract of employment, new employee form, application forms, job profile etc. Ensure that all employees have a personnel file. Ensure that all administration regardingemployee details are up to date and filed in their personnel files. Ensure that all legal documentation kept on file and in terms of relevant legislation. Ensure that a signed contract is filed.Ensure that all employees have a signed job description on file. Ensure that all employees have a signed disciplinary code on file. Ensure that the employee contact details / information are filed.Managing of all leave and relevant paperwork in this regard. Assisting the employees with termination documents for the company's record. Assisting the employees with UIF forms when needed. Managingof Terminations / Retirement etc. Ensuring that Exit interview information is assessed and reporting to management about the retention reasons on an annual basis. Policies and procedures: Drafting ofall HR policies and procedures according to the company's needs and unique requirements as well as adjusting of any current company policies and procedures where necessary. Ensuring that allemployees are aware of these policies by signing for it. Drafting new job profiles where necessary. Assistance with disciplinary steps if, when and where necessary. Assisting the company with writtencommunication with employees, if and when required. Assistance with Grievances on-site and making of necessary arrangements should formal Grievance procedures be necessary. Drafting and maintaining areporting structure (Organo-gram) for the company. Implement Induction programme for all new employees. Performance Management: Assist with performance management of all employees. Assist with ayearly Performance Appraisal program and interpretation of the results. Reporting to management in respect of employee performance. Employee Wellness: Assist with a yearly employee satisfactionsurvey. Assist with the management of Absenteeism. Assessing the employees job satisfaction, job involvement and their commitment towards the organisation. Career pathing and succession planning.Half day Package: Specialised and qualified Human Resources Consultant on-site for 1 half day per week from 08:00 - 12:30. Pricing on Request Full day Package: Specialised and qualified HumanResources Consultant on-site for 1 full day per week from 08:00 - 16:30. Pricing on Request
  • Employment Equity Services

    Employment Equity Services Consultation and collation of information and drafting of Employment Equity Plan in terms of the Employment Equity Act, No 55 of 1998 Assistance with implementation,monitoring and evaluation of Employment Equity Plan, in terms of the Employment Equity Act, No 55 of 1998 Assistance with the setting up of an Employment Equity Committee for in terms of theEmployment Equity Act, No 55 of 1998. This includes drafting of Appointment letters and Confidentiality Agreements etc. Facilitation of quarterly meetings with the Employment Equity Committee, interms of the requirements set out in the Employment Equity Act, No 55 of 1998. This includes facilitation of meetings with the Employment Equity in terms of the drafting and implementation of theEmployment Equity Plan (as per 1 above). Submission of annual or bi-annual Employment Equity Reports, including the collation of information (obtained from the client), categorising of employees intooccupational categories and levels as well as submission of the information in terms of the reporting, as per the requirements of the National Department of Labour and the Employment Equity Act, No55 of 1998. Assistance and advice in respect of Employment Equity and the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Employment Equity Plan. Industrial Relations Training can be tailored toyour company's needs and requirements. Some Industrial Relations Training topics include: Industrial Relations Training Service Common Law Employment Duties Dismissals - An overview Conducting aCounseling Interview Suspension Preparing for a Disciplinary Hearing Disciplinary Enquiry Procedure Disciplinary Penalty / Substantive Fairness All Labour Court matters - On Quotation FullComprehensive Labour Audit - On Quotation. (recommended to all clients) Optional Extras: Pricing on Request
  • IR Services

    Comprehensive Labour Audit in order to assess your current status of compliance in terms of all applicable Labour Legislation. Drafting all warnings and/or notices of disciplinary enquiries. Draftingof counseling notifications. Conducting counseling sessions. Drafting of charge sheets in terms of all disciplinary enquiries. Chairing of disciplinary hearings of a serious nature where the outcomemay lead to dismissal. Chairing appeal hearings of a serious nature where the outcome may lead to dismissal. Incapacity due to ill health or illness Investigations. Poor Work PerformanceInvestigations. Grievance procedures. Drafting and the enforcement of contracts of employment. Implementation of disciplinary code and procedures. Drafting of company policies. Union and wagenegotiations. Collective and procedural agreements. Retrenchments. Handling of various CCMA and Bargaining Council Issues. Resolving Strikes and/or Lockouts. Health and Safety. Skills Development.Employment Equity.


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