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Customized IT Solutions provided to various industries such as Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Medical, Franchise, Insurance, Telecommunications, Transport etc.

Off-the-shelf Packages available e.g

POSibility Point of sale Soluion

Cellular Repair Management System

Fleet Management

Fixed Assets Management

Corporate Cellular Airtime Management

Satellite Billing System etc.

Outsourcing Solutions Designed and implemented.

  • POSibility Point-of-Sale System

    Point-of-sale System suitable for Retail and Wholesale environment. e.g. Supermarkets, Convenient Stores, Hardware Stores, Grocery Shops, BookShops, Clothing and Shoe Stores etc.
    • POSibility Point-of-Sale System
    • POSibility Point-of-Sale System
    • POSibility Point-of-Sale System
    • POSibility Point-of-Sale System
    • POSibility Point-of-Sale System
  • Fleet Management System

    Vehicle, Driver Expense Management System. Ideal for Transport companies, Taxi Owners etc.
  • Satellite Billing System

    Uploading and Allocating of CDR's (Call Data Records) to the Customers. Setting up of Recurring and Adhoc Services to customers. Producing Monthly Invoices. Multi Currency Setup.
  • Corporate Cellular Airtime Managements System

    The system Allows the Employer to Manage Cellular Airtime Usage of Employees (Fully Subsidised / Partially Subsidised / without Subsidy). The Usage can be categorized by Cost Centre / Business Units etc. The Excess Usage can be recovered from Payroll through the Interface. We provide Outsourced Service on this system as well.
  • Fixed Assets Management System

    This system allows the user to manage the Company's / Individual's Fixed Assets.
  • Production Planning and Manufacturing System

    We have designed several Production Planning and Manufacturing Systems for various industries, such as Linen Manufacturers, Interior Decorators, Sock Manufacturers, Savouries and snacks Manufacturer.
  • POSibility Point of Sale Systems

    In addition to our Standard POSibility Point of sale, we have designed several other specialized Point-of-sale systems as well. Such as the Frozen Foods Distributors (Wholesale & Retailers), Meat and Chicken Wholesalers, Franchise Snack Shops, Bearings & Brakes Parts Distributors, Clothing and Blankets wholesale Merchants etc.
  • Customized IT Solutions

    We have designed Several Specialized Systems which have been customized to suit the clients needs. e.g. Quasi Groups System (Insurance), Practice Management System (Medical), etc.
  • Outsourcing Solutions

    We have provided Outsourcing Solutions to NeoTel (Transtel), FedSure (Credit Life Division). We can provide this service on any of our systems.
  • Cellular Repairs Management System

    The Cell Phone Repair Management System was designed for a Repair Center that repairs Cell Phones for Sony Ericsson. These Cell Phones are either received directly from Sony Ericsson or one of the Cell Phone Dealers, or on occasions are received from the end users also. The Phones are booked in at the Reception (Customer Details, Phone Details and Symptoms are recorded), a Job Card is produced, and the Phone together with the Job Card are sent to the Stores. The Store Keeper then allocates these phones to a Technician. The Technician collects the Phone with the Job Card from the Store Keeper and conducts a thorough Diagnosis. The Technician determines whether the Phone is under Warranty or not. If the Phones Warranty has expired then the Technician prepares a Quotation for the client so that the Customer can take the decision whether to proceed with the repairs or not. The Quotation is produced by Interfacing to POSibility (Point of Sale www.rapidsoft.co.za/POSibility.html).


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