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First Aid training in Johannesburg (South Africa) The Experts in First Aid Training Whether its the Department of Labour accredited Level 1 course for your business's health act requirements, the Basic first aid, CPR and choking course for your family, or the BLS for HCP course for nurses and doctors; Pulse Point offers a comprehensive choice of courses to suit your needs. In addition we'll teach you wherever and whenever you want, and make additions to courses to suit your specific needs.

  • First Aid Level 1

    This comprehensive course covers all first aid essentials, and is the benchmark of first aid. It is also a requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, OHSA 1993.
    • First Aid Level 1
    • First Aid Level 1
  • Basic First Aid Course

    Learn the basics of infant, child and adult first aid. Ever wondered how to treat your child's bloody nose, how to treat a sore arm, or what to look for if your child falls out the tree?
  • C.P.R. & Choking course

    Learn to perform CPR, help a choking person and deal with a life threatening emergency.
  • First Aid Level 2 course

    This intermediate course covers both the essentials and the more involved aspects of first aid. This course also teaches you how to deal with car accidents and hiking emergencies.
  • First Aid Level 3 course

    This comprehensive course covers all first aid topics, and is excellent for people thinking of going into the medical field, or someone wanting a comprehensive non-medical training.
  • Basic Life Support for HCP

    Learn and refresh your basic life saving skills, and ensure that you are compliant with the healthcare professions council's (HPCSA) requirements for CPR training.


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