Octagon Forensic Accounting in Johannesburg

Octagon Forensic Accounting provides a range of services. Our expertise includes forensic accounting, forensic auditing, forensic investigations, risk management, internal auditing, expert witnessing and assisting clients in legal matters such as disciplinary hearings.

At Octagon Forensic Accounting we are qualified to do the job.

Helena Kurland has more than 15 years accounting and auditing experience and holds a Masters Degree in Forensic Accountancy (NWU).


  • Forensic Accounting

    By utilize an understanding of business information and financial reporting systems, accounting and auditing standards and procedures, evidence gathering and investigative techniques, and litigation processes and procedures, provide an accounting analysis of the evidence obtained during an investigation that is suitable to use in courts of law. Also provide expert testimony on clients behalf.
  • Forensic Audit

    Examining financial information to be used in legal proceedings by utilizing knowledge of business, ethics, general accountancy and the principles of law. It is often conducted in order to calculate damages caused as a result of negligence or deliberate misconduct such as fraud.
  • Internal Audit

    Assessing business operations, determine the reliability of financial and other operations, ensure that legal and regulatory requirements are met, and identify the effectiveness of risk management activities.
  • Risk Management

    Being the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks, as well as the monitor and control of the negative effect of risks on the business.
  • Legal Services

    Assisting clients with the process of disciplinary hearings.


Octagon Forensic Accounting

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