NW Beverages in Johannesburg

We trade off the back of our main company Novawes which is a high volume base importing company traditionally having made its mark in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Through our combined global leverage we are able to put forward the most cost effective hot and cold cup solutions. Suppliers of premium cup solutions to South Africa and its neigbouring countries hot and cold beverage market, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the highest quality at the most competitive price in the market. We service the small user right through to the Giants.

  • Plastic Cups

    Our Smoothie Cups which are PET products are recognised as the most environmentally friendly plastic products worldwide. Compared with traditionally plastic products, such as PP and PS products, PET products are eco-friendly and highly transparent. No noxious gas is produced when being burnt and it is also a recyclable plastic product.

  • Coffee Cups

    Some say that coffee tastes better in disposable coffee cups, while others swear that there is simply nothing more comforting than clutching a warm paper coffee cup in your hands on a cold winter's day. Whichever you swear by or prefer however, coffee cups are essential in the "coffee to go" market as a means of serving coffee to customers.

    Disposable paper coffee cups also ensure that hot beverages are kept as hot as possible for as long as possible while being just cool enough to handle. Cup solutions such as these offer businesses the opportunity to look after their customers even once they've left their premises by keeping their coffee hot and their hands warm without being scorched from the hot coffee that they hold.


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