MIH Designs in Johannesburg

Using the latest in computer aided design and ArtCam technologies available, with these technologies, MIH Designs can help you turn your new and existing concepts into a reality. Being able to produce high quality detailed 3 dimensional drawings of any type of component. With this type of graphics, sales brochures and marketing information can be developed before the first component leaves the production line.What MIH Designs has to offer• New concepts designed in 3D modeling.• Transfer of existing concepts into 3D modeling.• 3D Assemblies of parts.• Photo realistic rendering of parts, assemblies.• Liaison with supplies on design and manufacturing.• Exploded parts diagrams.Industries• Component design.• Furniture design.• Sheet metal parts design.• Plastic part design.• Casting part design.
  • ArtCam 3D Design

    Produce high quality free-form 3D products from conceptual sketch or photo's


MIH Designs

artcam 3d design