Meatpack It in Johannesburg

We specialize in the servicing, and support of customers in the food industry. Our aim is to support and assist customers with products and services which would make there business more efficient.
  • Sharpening

    We offer mobile sharpening service in and around Johannesburg
  • Blades

    We offer a wide variety of blades for the food industry
  • Mincer knives and blades

    We supply different types of mincer knives and blades
  • Formplates

    We manufacture and supply formplates and pattie plates according to you spec
  • OEM parts

    We supply OEM parts for most brand names like Handtmann, multivac, cozzine, koppens, dixie, marel, etc.
  • Wirebelts

    The belts we offer are made from 304 stainless steel, but can be ordered to suite your requirements with regards to material you would need
  • Secondhand machines

    We have a range of second hand machines available, all machines are available as is or fully reconditioned.


Meatpack It

sharpening blades mincer knives and blades formplates oem parts wirebelts secondhand machines