Marica Salon Specialists in Johannesburg

Marica Salon Specialists is one-stop-shop supplier and wholesaler of Hair and Beauty Salon requirements with wide range of various categories such as salon Furniture and Equipment, Nails and Spassupplies,Skin and Body brands, Waxing, Toweling, Massage Beds, Facial Chairs, Sterilisation, Implements,Tweezers, Nippers, Cutters, Various Skin Care and consumables Products items. Marica SalonSpecialists based in Johannesburg South Africa and provides professional salon service supplies to South Africa and neighboring countries.
  • Professional Salon Design

    At Marica we give you the advantage of direct involvement in the setup and design of your salon furniture that creates your unique salon. Our Hair and Beauty products are built to bring you the bestpossible value.


Marica Salon Specialists
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