Mano Naidoo Psychologist in Johannesburg

I am a counseling psychologist in private practice for the past 9 years. Prior to this I worked on the Wits University academic circuit at Baragwanath Hospital heading the psychology team at the child psychiatric unit.I work with children, families and adults in my practice, specialising in trauma, parent-child attachment, and playtherapy. My services also include ADHD directive therapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy,filial therapy, developmental touch therapy,parental guidance,stress management,eg-state therapy, and pre and post natal supportive therapy. The specialised services I mentioned above can be applied to a variety of issues, for more information look up these therapies on my website on
  • Therapy

    Therapy services include playtherapy, ADHD directive playtherapy,EMDR, hypnotherapy, stress management, self-esteem building, workshops, parental guidance,trauma work,pre and post natal supportive therapy,family therapy,emotional assessments,social skills groups,parent-child attachment,grief counseling,pain control,adjustment disorders.
  • Workshops and Seminars

    Parenting workshops and seminars include: setting boundaries and organising family life structures, effective discipline and how to nurture the parent-child relationship,advanced incentive charts to raise independent children, solution focused methods for parents and children,becoming whole - healing your own childhood hurts that affect your ability to parent your children,emotional learning games to boost your child's EQ,filial therapy-parents learn how to perform playtherapy at home with their own children. Adult workshops include: shifting states - using transactional analysis to understand your identity and shift into healthy modes of operating. children/adolescent workshops include: solution focused approach to dealing with challenges, building your best self,social skills training.


Mano Naidoo Psychologist

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