Making Efficiency Matter (MEM) in johannesburg

MEM strives to offer all forms of Services and Support at competitive prices. We believe that through customer care, we can offer you, our valued customers, superior service!

  • SoHo

    For all your SoHo (Small Office / Home Office) setup needs, contact MEM for fast and efficient service delivery
  • MEM Accounting Software

    Pastel accounting/software packages sold at reasonable prices. Please contact us for a quote. Pastel Partner / Pastel Express / Pastel Payroll.Keywords: Accounts; Accounting; Accountant; Software
  • MEM Accounts

    We provide professionally prepared accounting/sales reports from clients raw data. We believe in saving our clients time by taking over their reporting functions at a marginal cost to the company.Keywords: Accounts; Accounting; Accountant; Software
  • MEM Payroll

    MEM Payroll provides assistance to companies who want to outsource their payroll function (including processing, payslips, leave, IRP5s & year end reconciliations).MEM Payroll also sells Pastel software and offers assistance to clients who would like to prepare their payroll internally. Please contact us for a quote.Keywords: Accounts; Accounting; Accountant; Software


Making Efficiency Matter (MEM)

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