Magtouch Electronics cc in Johannesburg is the information portal to the leading guard monitoring system in the South Africa, for the Mag Touch product range. Mag Touch has been the leading guard monitoring system for the security industry in since 1994. Their dynamic development team creates state of the art monitoring solutions that uses the latest technologies for recording, storing and reporting guard patrol data. The Mag Touch product range is an economical product range, which is versatile in its reporting methods, creating templates, sending multiple automated emails and sms’s. These products can withstand most environments, its robust, waterproof and can still work through power outages. Mag Touch is proud to say that their leading product, Online Guarding gives you the ability to view your information live in a virtual control room. The virtual control room is situated on the internet, enabling you to view your security data accurately and instantly, anywhere and at anytime. Online Guarding supplies you with several types of reports in a user-friendly manner, a detailed report and an easy to scan-though overview report. The reports will also inform you if there was any tampering of equipment or any Panic notifications. There is no more need for software and driver installation, cutting down on your cost, time and patience. Online Guarding also guarantees daily backups of your security data, to ensure that you will always be able to find your data, no matter what goes even further for their clients, by ensuring a good working relationship with their clients. supplies their clients with around the clock technical support of all their Mag Touch products. The Mag Touch product range is a state of the art hi-tech guard monitoring system that will be a fraction of the cost and effort compared to traditional technological implementations.


Magtouch Electronics cc