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Prevention "proactive" MAD has an outreach program that travels to schools, offices, churches and other venues MAD has workshops on drug education and identification MAD has seminars for parents and teachers giving them the tools to be informed , equipped and educated MAD is involved with the latest technologies in drug testing and screening MAD has a team that is involved with non invasive drug testing and screening for schools, public places and the corporate environment MAD has a national network of counsellors and a resident social worker MAD offers career guidance MAD has a long term and sustainable relationship with numerous schools

Complete Solution "reactive" MAD has counsellors, support groups and group therapy MAD is able to access a problem and provide the right solution MAD is geared up for ransom situations and hostage negotiations MAD has a intervention program MAD is able to give the right advice and guidance into numerous rehabilitation centre's on a national and international level MAD has an OUTPATIENT PROGRAM

  • Addiction Solution and Drug Education

    Counselling We have a resident registered social worker, who specializes in addiction. We have contact numbers of professional counsellors in you area. We also offer sessions with people who have had practical experience with addiction and are now "clean", we find that this has been a very effective way of communication for the addict and the family.

    Group Therapy We have weekly support groups for the families and also for addicts. We also have seminars covering all the aspects of addiction for both families and the addict.

    Drug Education We are continuously updating our database with new and current information on drugs and have an identification chart included.

    Outreach Programme We have a dedicated group of young individuals who travel to schools and other venues giving presentations on drug education. By using sound, visual and actual life stories told by people that were addicts we believe that this is the most modern and effective way to get the message across to the youth. We believe that prevention is of course better than any cure. The youth are killing themselves and drug addiction is now a very clear epidemic.

    National Rehab Listings We have included a national listing of various rehabs centre's in the country. We have relationships with some of the listed rehab centres and so can offer information on finances and time lines attached to these rehabs. We also offer a follow up option where we will continuously update the family on the progress of the individual while he or she is "away".

    Drug Testing and Screening We have access to the latest drug testing techniques. We are able to give a full report on a multitude of drugs without urine or blood. By using a swab we are able to test clothes, workplace, saliva, keyboard, cellular phone, inside of a car, machinery and any other surface. This is a great system to identify the problem at home or in the corporate environment. MAD then has a program to aid in the next steps forward.

    Interventions We are able to help families with an intervention. So often this is the only way to make a person realize the problem, and then we can help with the solutions.

    Ransom and Hostage Negotiations Often an addict will need to be taken out of a very difficult and dangerous situation. We are able to negotiate with the dealers. Investigate the entire situation, and then contact the necessary legal authorities if needed. The "M.A.D House" Project Our goal is to eventually have a rehab centre. A farm and place of refuge for the broken hearted. The Mad House will be a primary care facility which will be a long term programme (approx 1 year) Residents will spend a year of their life recovering and being in a safe place. In that year they will learn discipline and be offered the best counselling and spiritual growth available. The families will be included in all aspects of the various phases in the process. Our hope is then to try and help the recovered to find employment and enjoy the fruits of being free. And everyone will have access to all of MAD's family of friends. MAD aims to have smaller satellite secondary care houses situated in the various CBD's of the country. Residents will be fully functional members of society however remaining in a safer environment. The houses will have certain boundaries and curfews in place to protect and allow proper healthy growth in the individual. Movement Against Drugs: Movement Against Drugs is a company dedicated to prevention and solution of alcohol and substance abuse in the corporate sector. We work with companies in testing, screening, presentation's, counseling and also factors relating to employment contracts and company policies on substance abuse.


MAD ministry against drugs

addiction solution and drug education