Kawuleza Auto Glass in Johannesburg

Kawuleza Auto Glass was established with the intention of providing affordable shatterproof and SABS Approved windscreens as well as any other auto glass found on your motor vehicle to people or companies who do not have vehicle insurance or insurance that covers motor vehicle glass replacements or for people or companies who simply don't want to make a claim from insurance for a car glass replacement. We also offer Windscreen chip repairs if your windshield is just slightly

chipped or cracked in which most cases can be repaired making the crack or chip virtually invisible as well as restoring the safety of the windscreen to its original condition Our simple online quotation method will help us quote you more efficiently as you do not need to call us for a quotation, simply fill out the quotation form on our web site and submit it to us, once we receive the form we will send u a quotation to your email with details on how to order which can also be done online or via fax. we only take basic information from you for quotations about your vehicle and some contact details which are only used for quotation purposes. You are under absolutely no obligation to proceed with any quotations issued to you from Kawuleza Auto Glass. All installations are conveniently done on-site and fitted by a professional auto glass installation team our auto glass also comes with a one year workmanship guarantee against factory and installation faults, we will never sell any auto glass which is not SABS approved and in the case of the front windscreen shatterproof, we understand that the windscreen or safety glass is a major safety feature of your vehicle and must not be compromised. Payments have also been made simple and may be made via EFT transfer or through our online payment partner monsterpay.com with a credit card. NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE INSTALLATION TEAM!
  • On site windscreen installations

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Kawuleza Auto Glass
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