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Investor Campus aims to be the best resource for financial services professionals on the Internet. The objective is for Investor Campus to be a "one-stop-shop" for any knowledge that you would like to attain. Starting from "Finance for non-financial managers" through to more complex courses on derivatives, equity investing and company analysis, this site will serve as the perfect place to brush up on your knowledge or learn about new fields of finance.
  • How to analyse a Company

    This unique series gives investors or analysts a concise but comprehensive 25 page recipe on How to analyse, for specific industries falling under: Mining, Financial and Commerce Industries.
  • Macro Economics Course

    Aggregate Supply and Demand, Keynesian Foundations, Fluctuations, Unemployment, Inflation, Fiscal Policy, Stabilization Policy, Monetary Policy, The Banking System and The Phillips Curve are explored.
  • Investing in Equities Course

    Intro to Equity Investments, Asset Allocation, Share, Stock Market and Industry Analysis, Equity Stock Selection, Technical Analysis, Equity’s Price Multiples and Discounted Cash Flow Applications.
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers Course

    The objective of this Course is to empower non-financial managers by demystifying Financial Management. Explore Income Statements, Balance Sheets, RONA, ROCE, ROE, EVA, MVA, Valuation and much more.
  • Derivatives Course

    Derivative Markets and Instruments, Forward, Future, Option and Swap Markets and Contracts; concluding with Risk Management Strategies are the topics covered by this concise, yet comprehensive Course.
  • Micro Economics

    We examine The Market Process of Supply and Demand, The response of markets to changes in Supply and Demand as well as the Analysis of Markets in terms of Supply and Demand.
  • Global Economic Analysis Course

    Comparative Versus Absolute Advantage, Trade-Restricting Devices, Trade Barriers , Foreign Exchange, Direct and Indirect Quotations, Covered Interest Rates, Monetary Policy and much more.
  • Game Ranch Economics Course

    This course written by ABSA Bank, takes an in-depth look at the Economics involved in Game Ranching. From Up-front costs and runnning expenses to Profitability Trends, Management and Business Ethics.
  • Treasury Series Course

    This series covers all the aspects of foreign exchange and interest rate instruments, and markets. It includes a Foreign Exchange, a Money Market, Derivatives, and an Assets and Liabilties module.


Investor Campus

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