Inner Coaching in Johannesburg

We offer personal coaching and training, specialising in self developement and communication. What is your Inner Game like? Do you have the frames of mind that empower you? That you like and would pass on to your children? How do you communicate with yourself: in an encouraging and positive way, or with critical and negative self talk? And when communicating with your colleagues at work? And your loved ones? Do you use your emotions and feelings to your benefit? Do you create meanings for yourself and your business that allow you to express your potential? That allow you to be all you can and want to be? Are you intentional in the way you use your mind-body energies? Does your business even have an Inner Game? What is your Outer Game like? Do your behaviours and actions lead to the results you want in your life and work? Do you have habits that take you forward, towards being, living and working the way you know you are capable of? And dream of? Do you take an intentional stance with the way you spend your time? Is the culture of your business or home one that supports and encourages creativity and self expression? At Inner Coaching, we focus on creating robust, empowering and vibrant Inner Games that will result in Outer Games of excellence, magnificence and expression. We coach and train you to your outcomes, so that you work and live to your full potential. We help you reconnect with your own inner resources so that you can motivate yourself, empower yourself, and even coach yourself. You’ll find the tools you didn’t know you had that will help you run your own brain and create the results you want in your work, home life, health, and relationships.
  • Communciation Excellence Training

    Effectively get what you want to say across to another, manage your emotions while speaking, develop listening skills, get into rapport quickly with and figure out other people to improve your communication. This training uses the best from positive psychology to fine tune your ability to express your ideas
    • Communciation Excellence Training
  • Coaching for Excellence- Life Coaching

    Life coaching to develop personally and work on actual performance: changing habits, applying your skills and talents, developing the skills needed in a particular area, and implementing your skills. It also addresses the internal game you play in your mind and emotions so that you can be at your best


Inner Coaching

communciation excellence training coaching for excellence- life coaching