Inflamed in Johannesburg

This is a project started in April 2002 by Craig Stolly and Saul Smith . Inflamed comes from the passion for fire and a taste for things out of the ordinary, we want to bring this unique artform out of the underground into the eye of the public. Fire-dancing is not unlike any other form of dancing, like Latin American or Break dancing where we move our bodies to the music. However the element of fire makes it more intriguing to our thrill seeking generation. The tools we use for performing are either poi , which are burning wicks attached to a chain, or the fire staff. These are the two most commonly used fire toys. Inspired by performers across the spectrum from The Prodigy to Lord of the Dance, all the way to shoalin monks and Ronald McDonald. We have performed at various functions, including: SAB Castle promotion at Carfax. Dreamscape New Year's eve party 2002/3 Lucky Strike at the MTN Sundome. Oos Moot High school 50th birthday party. Spazfest for Spastic Productions CellC Old Mutual Steers McDonalds Springs Wesbank car of the year awards 2007 Zeplins night club Marie Claire's 10th Birthday Party at Taboo We have also performed for various companies, such as: Citigate Red Cube Authentic Ideas AE Productions Liquid Chefs Talentattack We also have a full entertainment agency for any event.