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    We use Registered Master Tilers and Flooring Applicators. We do Floor and Wall Tiling: Ceramic Tiling or Stone TilingAll your normal and pattern tiling (Mosaics, Natural Stone Tiles, Pebbles and Granules). Wall Tiling - Mosaic tiling and any specialized wall tiling features as required (Including Wall Cladding) Wooden Floors - All ranges available, contact us to bring samples for you to find what you require (Laminated, Solid Wooden Flooring, Wooden Decks and Floating Wooden Floors). Carpets various ranges, all established brands available. Alternative Flooring Solutions Staining and engraving a design into the hard concrete creates a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain alternative to popular flooring that can be simple and elegant or beautiful, extraordinary works of art. Unlike carpet, it will not collect allergens and will never need to be replaced. Perfect for your Driveway, Walkway, Patio, Pool Deck, Interior Floors, Sidewalks, Business, Store, Basement, Garage Floor and Parking Lot Concrete engraving is not an overlay, yet it beautifies and disguises ugly, discoloured, cracked, or repaired concrete of any age or condition. Concrete engraving is a unique and economical property improvement. The engraving process is fast, clean and leaves surroundings undisturbed. Unlimited designs and patterns are availableWe also do curtains and blinds


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