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Helen McDonald Placements is an established company with 12 years experience that embraces challenge with enthusiasm and initiative; we are committed to meeting and fulfilling all recruitment requirements. The following information should prove beneficial in determining our credibility in the marketplace. Extensive management training and experience, which encompassed recruitment of personnel for Office and IT applications, has allowed us to confidently offer recruitment expertise in all the professional and technical arena’s, as well as the related middle management sectors. We have established a network of various other highly professional agencies that specialize in certain sectors of the market place. This allows us to source the best applicant for our clients. SCOPE OF RECRUITMENT Recruitment on all levels: Senior Management down to entry level. Recruitment range: Specialist to generic positions for all functions: IT (Programmers and Technical Support Staff, Product Managers), Call Centre Operations Financial Sales and Marketing Human Resources Office Support. We offer professional recruitment support through an exclusive personnel service incorporating advertising assignments or search selection services, while ensuring client confidentiality.

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    Recruitment in: IT (Programmers and Technical Support Staff, Product Managers), Call CentreOperationsFinancialSales and MarketingHuman ResourcesOffice Support.


Helen McDonald Placements

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