Grape Projects (Pty)Ltd in Johannesburg

We are a business development company that uses Information Technology to improve Business Systems of operations. We believe that IT does not drive a business, but that as a business tool a lot of processes can be managed much more efficiently.We offer different types of services to the entrepreneur, and the Small to Medium-sized Business by supplying,logo affordable, professional quality, and high performance computer hardware and software, according to specifications and the business needs. Companies with a lot more employees can also benefit from this, in that due to the low operational cost associated with the fact that this is a small company, the low-priced consumables and products that they purchase from us would form an insignificant but notable part of their cost cutting strategies.
  • Computer Assistance / Technical support

    # All hardware and software related problems# Internet and email setup and connectivity problems# Desktop troubleshooting and repair# Backup and storage solutions# PC disinfection,Virus and spyware identification and removal# Data Recovery services


Grape Projects (Pty)Ltd

computer assistance / technical support